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Singapore proposes cybersecurity label for home routers

Cybersecurity label for IoT devices
Cybersecurity label for IoT devices

One of the first things that we get exposed to during our time on the internet is via the routers from where the internet is getting delivered to us. Since this is our entry to the world of internet, it is also one of the most targeted points for hacking. Also, there are millions of routers around the world which are unsecured and they are an easy way for hackers to gain access to every device that has been connected by that router.

Therefore, it is always said that your router should be properly secured which is the basic step to get secure access to the internet. But a new report from Singapore now mentions that they are looking to make their home routers even moire secure. This is because of a proposal by the Singapore government to introduce labels for the security of their home routers.

Now, it is known that the internet devices named as IoT appliances such as ACs, TVs, freeze, and other products such as web cameras and more make it hard for the routers to secure them since they are known to be vulnerable. Therefore, if a router is not secure then hackers could gain access to all the IoT devices and hack other secured devices too.

A series of requirements will thus be required which “provide a safer and more secure Internet experience for users and to strengthen the resilience of Singapore’s telecommunications networks” as told by Infocomm Media Development Authority.

It added that “Residential gateways, commonly known as home routers, are often the first entry point as they form the key bridge between the Internet and residents’ home networks,”

The important thing in this proposal is that new routers sold to consumers will not be allowed to have default passwords, meaning that no two routers will have the same access codes. This is necessary since people don’t bother to change their default router passwords.