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Smartwatch used by vulnerable can be hacked to send medication alert

Smartwatch trackers
Smartwatch trackers

A thing that we all realize is that hacking is a crime and a very dangerous one at that. However, hacking can be life-threatening as well as severe for some group of people as well. For the latest report, we are focusing on people who are vulnerable such as children or elderly people or old-age people who have trouble in remembering things such as taking medications as well as doing day-to-day tasks. Now, those who are privileged will buy trackers to remind them about the tasks so that they can do so without anyone’s help.

But the problem with this new report from security researchers is that those smartwatch trackers can also be hacked. Yes, this would mean that these hacked trackers may be used to send medication alerts to the people who are vulnerable at wrong time or not sent at all which is dangerous in either way. Now, we don’t know what motivates the hackers to do so even with vulnerable but it is what it is and we have to secure these trackers. The purpose of such apps is that they can be used in tandem with a smartwatch by carers to find their charges, and in turn, wearers can use the system to make a call if they need help.

The researcher says that if the tracker does not work properly and there is an overdose then bad things could happen. They add that “A dementia sufferer is unlikely to remember that they had already taken their medication,”. They added that “Server-side code, MySQL passwords, email, SMS, and Redis credentials, and a hard-coded password in the source code — 123456 — were available to view. A database containing user images was also open to abuse”. The relief is that no incidents have come to light of the flaw being exploited.