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Social Bluebook hack exposed more than 217,000 influencer accounts

Social Bluebook
Social Bluebook

Social Media is one of the best things that has ever happened on the internet but it is also one of the worst things if not done correctly. This is because the chance of getting hacked has increased almost 100 times after the social media platforms were formed. Basically, our information is available everywhere and there is no way we can know from where our details got accessed before they are already used for some harmful purposes. Now, a piece of new hacking information has been known which involves a social platform named Social Bluebook.

For those who are reading about Social Bluebook for the first time, it is a platform made for the influencers since the platform matches influencers with the advertisers so that deals can be made directly. Now, it is revealed that Social Bluebook was hacked recently and all its data was exposed meaning that influencers’ information was also available.

As per the company’s claims, it “allows advertisers to pay social media “influencers” for posts that promote their products and services and it has some 300,000 influencers on its books. Now, it is obvious that since the platform was hacked all of the information inside the platform will be leaked and that includes all the current, former and inactive influencers and advertisers that the platform had.

TechCrunch says that they have obtained the database, which contains some 217,000 user accounts — including influencer names, email addresses, and passwords hashed, which had been scrambled using the strong SHA-2 hashing algorithm.

However, the worrying part is this statement from Social Bluebook co-founder where he says that “We have just now become aware of this data breach that occurred in October 2019,” which means that even the company wasn’t aware that the user information was breached. Now, it is quite possible that the company is not wanting to reveal that it already knew about the hack. Also, he said that the company has informed law enforcement agencies regarding the breach.