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SpaceX, Tesla and Lockheed Martin data were stolen due to cyber attack

Tesla CEO Elon Musk
Tesla CEO Elon Musk

There is a saying in the industry that even in the event that your company has not been attacked by cybercriminals, it is possible that your data will be available to them. This is exactly what has happened to companies such as Tesla, SpaceX and Lockheed Martin recently. Because according to a report by Forbes, it looks like Tesla, SpaceX and others were hacked not directly but indirectly.

Now, the revelation that these companies might have been hacked came after the fact that some non-disclosure agreements were leaked in public by a Twitter profile which is involved in these activities. NDAs, by the time itself, are agreed upon to not be disclosed so only a hack can reveal them. It was also seen that the hacker tweeted “big deals soon” which would be regarding the companies it has accessed data of.

On further investigation, it has been found out that Visser Precision LLC, a firm based in Denver, Colorado, which has its customers as Lockheed Martin, Tesla and SpaceX, was compromised. This meant that their data was stolen and possibly sold in dark web which could be dangerous too.

The basis of this on the fact that this tweet came from a user named DoppelPaymer and “DoppelPaymer has been active since the middle of last year, but has only started publishing data in the last few days,”. Also, “the group claims to have sold data stolen in previous incidents on the dark web.” so there is no reason why it will not be done by them this time.

Visser Precision LLC also confirmed this attack by saying that “Visser Precision, LLC was the recent target of a criminal cybersecurity incident, including access to or theft of data. The company continues its comprehensive investigation of the attack, and business is operating normally. Visser Precision will continue full cooperation with its customer partner companies, but will make no further press comment at this time.”