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Study finds that brazilians are mostly unaware about social scoring systems

Social scoring
Social scoring

All over the world, we have seen that people are talking a lot about privacy and security and people are hesitant to share their personal details with companies because they know people are going to sell their data for cheap in order to serve advertisements and that is how the cycle works. However, we are seeing a new study found out that Brazilians are mostly unaware of how things work with free software. In this study, it is mentioned that people in Brazil don’t know how the social scoring system works.

As per this survey, “61% of Brazilian consumers do not know (11%) or have never heard of (50%) of social rating systems, which are based on the behaviour and influence of users on the Internet and were initially utilized by financial services providers and online retailers but are increasingly seen elsewhere”

The survey finds that most people are happy to provide their private details in return for getting discounts as well as benefits while they don’t know the consequences in doing so. Also revealed from this survey is that from those who knew what social scoring is, “39% struggle to understand how they work and how they are implemented. Key areas where respondents seemed to lack understanding are how to find out their social score, how it is calculated, and how that can be corrected in case of unforeseen circumstances.”

In addition to the above details, the survey finds that “Brazilian consumers are even more willing to share their social media profiles in exchange for other benefits, such as protecting their job, finding a better place to live, a place at a good school for their children or getting a visa”. This trend can be seen as reversed in the US where people are not willing to share social media profiles during their visa interviews in the fear of getting tracked.