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T-Mobile reveals cyber-attack which allowed hackers access to user data and employee emails


One of the biggest telecommunication companies in the US, T-Mobile, announced something that should worry a lot of the US users. The company said that its security was breached yesterday. They also revealed that the breach affected both its employees as well as its customers. Also, they said that their security team was able to stop “a malicious attack” against its email vendor.

However, it is very contrasting to see them also saying that the hackers were successful in gaining access to email accounts of their employees as well as some user data. As per the company’s official statement, the hackers were able to access “certain T-Mobile employee email accounts, some of which contained account information for T-Mobile customers and employees.”

They added that the “Information accessed illegally may have included names and addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, rate plans and features, and billing information,” revealing that for some users “Social Security numbers, financial account information, and government identification numbers” were exposed whereas for others, it was not.

T-Mobile is also sending texts to those customers whose data was accessed and also those whose data was not accessed. In a text received yesterday, the message read that “We recently identified and shut down a security event involving some of your account information. Your financial information and SSN were not affected”.

For those who are affected and those are safe as well, T-Mobile recommends changing their PIN/passwords for their accounts as soon as possible so as to be safe from such future events. This is also not the first time in the last six months that T-Mobile’s security was breached as it did happen last year in November too.