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Taiwanese Government Says China Encrypted Their Systems, Stolen Files

Taiwan hacking
Taiwan hacking

The Government of Taiwan has accused hackers from China of encrypting their files. The Taiwanese government said that the hackers are targeting 10 government agencies and 6,000 email accounts of important officials in Taiwan.

China has always attacked Taiwan’s defence system and data. An official in the Taiwan Investigation Bureau’s Cyber Security Investigation Office namely, Liu Chia-Zung addressed the problem and also announced that some data must have been exposed to their hackers.

The officials from Taiwan also said that a recent ransomware attack was initiated on their state oil company. The attack has probably come from a Chinese hacker gang known as Winnti. All of the other attacks on Taiwanese companies have also come from China.

The allegations vertical forward to the Chinese embassy situated in Washington DC but it seems like they do not want to comment on the issue. Beijing also has denied allegations of cyber attacks. The Taiwanese officials are also keeping a close eye on the Chinese citizens who are coming to Taiwan from Hong Kong. These measures are taken to stop spying and other dangerous activities.

According to the Taiwan investigation Bureau in the recent attack on Wednesday, the hackers first exploited the virtual private network software to hack their files. The pieces of code used in the attack are known as Taidoor.

This piece of code has been used by Chinese hackers for the past 12 years. Taiwan has been a principal target of these attacks by China. They can only improve their security systems to nullify the effect of these attacks. The recent attack was also possible because of a hole in their IT infrastructure.

The US government is highly helping Taiwanese government to overcome these attacks every now and then. The US embassy has also recently sponsored a drill to overcome these attacks. A fake attack was thrown to the private and government organisation of Taiwan by the US embassy.