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Teamviewer’s new flaw can let hackers steal system passwords


We are seeing flaws and unpatched errors emerging almost on a daily basis and we don’t even know if these flaws have been used before the patch comes out which is dangerous because they could be used to pose threat for everyone using that software. The latest in line to have one of their flaws exposed is Teamviewer which is a remote assistance software and one that we believe might be used most right now because the tech support can’t be given physically in most cases. It is worth noting that Teamviewer has been under scrutiny earlier too for security reasons and it has been reported once again.

So security researchers have found a flaw inside Teamviewer which is extremely severe because if you have connected to someone on the platform then you can be able to get their system password. This is a flaw that has been patched in the latest version of Teamviewer but it remains to be there on older versions of Teamviewer. So first of all, go and update your Teamviewer app as soon as possible. Because even if someone has an older version, you have the patched version meaning that the flaw can’t be used.

It is also said that this “attack can be executed almost automatically without requiring much interaction of the victims and just by convincing them to visit a malicious web page once”. Now, it is also worth noting that the system passwords can’t be used without the system itself but other credentials can also be stolen once the system password is received which is where the problem lies. It is also to be noted that the flaw has been found in the Windows version of Teamviewer and macOS looks to be safe so far. But we do recommend anyone using Teamviewer to upgrade to the latest version which is 15.8.3 or higher to be on the safer side.