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Telstra sets up a blocking page with DNS filtering to fight malware attacks

Telstra blocking page
Telstra blocking page

You must have heard about Telstra which is one of the leading telecom operators in Australia and it is one of the growing ones as well. So it is obvious that the company would want to protect their customers and especially right now since the hacking and phishing attempts are growing in number every day. Telstra has today revealed that it is stepping up efforts for DNS filtering which means that the domain names servers that are not from Telstra will be filtered and a blocking page has been set up by them.

Telstra says that this new filtering will help fight the malware that is passing its servers. The company also reveals that its efforts have been dubbed as Cleaner Pipes and it focuses on blocking command and control communication of botnets. It will also help people when it comes to downloading of remote access trojans, as well as other forms of malware. Apart from that, the telecom operator reveals that it is already blocking “millions of malware communications” and is prepared for when the traffic hits its infrastructure.

In a statement, Telstra CEO revealed that “This action reduces the impact of cyber threats on millions of Telstra’s customers including stopping the theft of personal data, financial losses, fraudulent activity and users’ computers being infected with malware. We know many consumers and small businesses do not have the resources to adequately protect themselves,”

He added that “Cleaner Pipes means we are able to more actively block cyber threats on our network that would compromise the safety of our customers’ personal information. While it will not completely eliminate the risk, or substitute appropriate threat protection, it will contribute to significantly reducing the volumes and impact.”

The basic idea here is that even if Telstra customers click on a suspicious link, they will be shown a block page telling them about the malicious activity going on.