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Tesla Gives A Warning To The Users Using Ingenext For Discounted Updates On Their Car

Tesla hacked
Tesla hacked

After launching upgradable software-locked capabilities in its cars, Tesla is now facing a new concern when the car owners are using a hack to upgrade their models. A company called Ingenext is providing a device through which the Tesla owners are able to update their vehicle. The updates are available for half the price at which Tesla is offering. The owners are easily attracted to the device because it provides a discount in the update. Tesla also recently offered dollar 2,000 acceleration boost for the model 3 dual motor.

Tesla recently offered 75 kWh battery pack software-locked at 60 kWh or higher power outputs through its software updates. Ingenext recently provided a hack through which the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor owners were able to update their vehicle. The owners just needed to plug a connector to their MCU. After that, they automatically get the 50 hp boost plus a few other features including a “Drift mode.”

After getting quite irritated about the hack the officials at Tesla did some research about it. Now, whenever the owners are using Ingenext they are getting an error notification. The notification shows, “incompatible vehicle modification, potential risk of damage or shutdown.”

The notification stays stuck on the screen but the vehicle can be used.

According to Guillaume André, founder of Ingenext, they have already warned all of their customers that anything they do is at their own risk. The company is not responsible for the damage if caused by Ingenext. They have apparently also sent a notification to all of their customers about the unsafe nature of using the platform now. He also further added that the company is working on a new patch. It will be out in two or three weeks. The founder of Ingenext is also quite unsure as to why Tesla is claiming that the hack can result in the damage of the vehicle.