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The biggest cybersecurity threat in history could be the Coronavirus outbreak

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We have been keeping tabs on the situation with Coronavirus right now and we also know that the situation is quite grim right now. There have been millions of people affected by this virus all over the world, directly or indirectly. This is also because of the fact that most countries have locked down their citizens to control the spread. Now, this is also bad for the people who have to either work from home or stay at homes because threat to their cybersecurity becomes more.

A new report has now been revealed where the claims are that the Coronavirus outbreak might be the worst in history when it comes to cybersecurity. The fact that fishing emails and hacking attempts have increased after this outbreak tells you something about its threat. Some researchers say that this is the biggest threat to cybersecurity they have seen in a long time, if ever.

They say that “For more than five weeks, our threat research team has observed numerous Covid-19 malicious email campaigns, with many using fear to try to convince potential victims to click,” “Criminals have sent waves of emails that have ranged from a dozen to over 200,000 at a time, and the number of campaigns is trending upwards. Initially, we were seeing about one campaign a day worldwide; we’re now observing three to four a day. This increase underscores just how appealing global news can be for cybercriminals.”

However, the fact is that these cyberattacks are attacking critical healthcare, pharmaceutical industries, and manufacturing. This is a disaster because those who have been serving us right now are being attacked and people are being stranded. In addition, download trojans are also bad because once they have been delivered and installed, they can download additional types of malware. People have also been sending emails claiming that they have found vaccines for the virus and they need to pay in bitcoins to get them.