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The era of AI, ML makes it tougher for Cyber Security: Report


It is a fact that the more we advance in terms of technology, the more there will be threats to the security of our devices. Now, this includes cybersecurity as well which is the process of being secure in the online world.

We know that many antivirus software is available but most of them fail to give you the advanced security needed in this online world. The worst part is this new report from Daily Sabah which reveals that it is getting even harder in today’s age to be secure online. Because of the fact that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are progressing in our lives.

The report also mentions that the threat of cybersecurity will increase as the AI and ML advances since the cyber attacks will become more “sophisticated” in nature. Now, the threat regarding cyber-attacks will not only be limited to public and private organizations but will also be for individuals who are casually using their devices.

World Economic Forum said in January that artificial intelligence, 5G and internet of things will “increase the probability of the issue spreading.” The organization also says that “institutions should not only think about the necessity of the cloud but also consider cloud security”. Apart from the cyber threats, it is also believed that fake news will spread through the AI technology.

It is also believed that cybercrime will become a $6 trillion industry worldwide in the coming years. Fortinet’s chief of security Derek Manky says that “I am also a member of the expert team at Interpol and even with the abuse of only one corporate email, we see many incidents where CFO executives are targeted, interventions are made in payment transactions which end up with money being stolen. This money is then transferred to offshore accounts, which is called payment diversion. I remember we were tracking more than $300,000 in just one fraud case,”