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There is racism in hacking as well according to this new report

Cyber bullying
Cyber bullying

You must have heard about the intense protests that are going on in the United States that have been targetted towards the entire world where racism is prevalent in society. All of this started with the brutal murder of George Floyd who was a Black US citizen killed by some policemen.

After that, there has been a huge public outcry from all over the world that racism needs to be stopped. Even more than the protests, the outpouring of stories from black people as to how they are being discriminated has been eye-opening.

Now, there is a new report from the cybersecurity world that we are sure no one would have imagined. The report says that racism is prevalent all over the world and it takes place in the virtual workspace as well. It is said that hacks that are targetted towards black people known as hate crimes and Zoom-bombing has been very common.

As per the report from Reuters, “cyber attackers are disproportionately targeting people of colour during this pandemic; and that many employers, across the world, are unprepared to deal with racism in the virtual workspace”.

Adding to the report, it is said that “In the United States, particularly, there is a history of Black people having their community events disrupted: in recent memory, white nationalists have shot up Black churches,”. “Now, our Zoom gatherings are being targeted. Technology is supposed to bring us to the future, but instead, it’s dragging us to the past.”

Even more disturbing is the fact that the report goes on to mention how Zoom has been used by racists to encourage others to “”just be openly racist on the next Zoom meeting”, asking for “Screen captures of pornography, gore and other interruptive things”, and encouraging “jacking off” on-screen or using the N-word in meetings”.