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These are reportedly ways to defend your Zoom meetings against hack

Zoom meetings
Zoom meetings

It is known that Zoom has become one of the most successful video conferencing platforms and there is a good reason for that as well. The main reason is that people wanted a platform that can let in as many users as possible. While none other platform offers even half of Zoom’s limit, the platform offers up to 100 people to join at the same time. Now that we know Zoom is used by virtually everyone around the world, the problems in the platform are also surfacing online. Some of them relate to hacking incidents and people entering meetings without permission.

Now, there is very little you can do when hacking incidents take place on Zoom but there are reportedly ways in which you can avoid situations such as Zoombombing as well as other things that could harm your meetings. First of all and the most basic of the advice, you should follow on Zoom is to make your meetings secure. For example, it is recommended that you make the Zoom meetings private if the participants are known to you. Because it is seen that most of the meetings that have been attacked were publicly available

It is also said that you should turn off screen sharing in your Zoom settings if that is something you don’t need because it is where a hacker can get access to your system. To do this, toggle off screen sharing by going to the settings tab, selecting In Meeting (Basic) and toggling Screen sharing to off.

Also, implement the concept of “waiting rooms” that is available on Zoom where someone joining a meeting goes straight to a waiting room rather than getting in. This way, you can check who is joining the meeting rather than letting them in to realize they are unknown users.