Home Cyber Security ThiefQuest ransomware victims now have a free decryptor available

ThiefQuest ransomware victims now have a free decryptor available


If you have seen how the ransomware attacks work in the industry then you would know that once the malware which turns into ransomware gets inside the system, it encrypts all the files inside the system while the key is available only to the hacker. Also, it is almost impossible to decrypt those files without paying a ransom to get the key from hackers. So you can imagine how the ransomware attack would affect any system which has been affected by it. Similarly, there is a widespread ransomware attack known as ThiefQuest which targets systems all over the world.

But we have good news for those victims who have been targeted by ThiefQuest malware because the latest report reveals a new decryptor that is available to all the people affected. The best part is that you will get the decryptor for free and there is no need to pay the ransom demand. This free decryptor has been released by Cyber-security firm SentinelOne to recover their locked files without paying. The main reason why it is important to people is that it only attacks Mac devices and there are hardly any ways to recover files right now.

ThiefQuest is more of a dangerous malware than a ransomware that includes modules for logging keystrokes, installing a reverse shell for backdoor access to infected hosts, code for stealing cryptocurrency-related data, and encrypting files. The worst part is that ThiefQuest is found on torrent sites and online forums and hidden inside pirated software so beware of the same on your Mac devices. However, there is some relief too because ThiefQuest is very new and only found since a month which means it is in early stages of development. That means it has some bugs and does not work perfectly so its ransomware is not fullproof.