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This Chinese bank reportedly forced western companies to install software laced with malware


We have seen that companies tend to have a very strict policy when it comes to downloading and installing software from outside since it can cause severe damage to the workflow if there is any malware or ransomware inside the downloaded software. This is also the reason why most companies block their PC’s USB ports so that no outside software can be installed and most of the freeware software download sites are also blocked by their firewall. But one of the weirdest reports that we have ever seen has just surfaced online which involves a Chinese bank and western companies.

Now, we know that banks tend to make companies install their software in order to do things between each other which is standard and companies do install that software trusting on the companies that have provided it in the first place. However, we have this report where a Chinese bank told western companies to install their tax software but the problem was that the software supplied by these banks was filled with malware. The western companies that installed the software are not to be blamed here because there was a trust factor involved in this process but it looks like the Chinese bank breached it.

It is possible that the Chinese bank also did not know that a backdoor was available inside their official tax software but since this is China we are talking about, anything is possible. As per the report, this software from the Chinese bank has a backdoor trojan named GoldenSpy and a backdoor is a trojan that lets you access the software without permission and knowledge of the users. The backdoor word itself tells you that there is a back door which no one knows about other than the hacker and they can come in and out of the system