Home News This is reportedly how the Twitter’s alleged hackers got arrested

This is reportedly how the Twitter’s alleged hackers got arrested

Twitter hack
Twitter hack

As you might already know by now, Twitter faced a massive hack last month and this hack also turned into a Bitcoin scam where people’s accounts were targetted to post a bitcoin address along with the promise that those donations would get doubled. Now, we know that many fell for this scam as well and the last report says that these donations went as high as $100,000+ which is how much the scammers made in a matter of minutes. Now that the scam/hack was done, local authorities started to find who the culprits were along with Twitter.

And last week’s report suggests that Twitter has identified the hackers involved in this hack who belong to the US only. However, the “mastermind” of this hack has denied allegations and that he is not guilty of doing this. But if we assume that these people arrested are the real hackers then it is worth noting how they got caught.

Well, Wired has run a report in which they reveal how the Twitter hackers got caught and it is something that we should all know about in the first place. As we all know, Bitcoins are a safe way to transact online without revealing the identity because they are encrypted and decentralized which means there is no central point where the currency gets collected.

Interestingly, it would have been much harder for the FBI to trace these hackers if there was not a hack on the OGUsers forum that took place earlier this year revealing their entire database along with other details as well. This hack and the database of the forum led to these hackers details because the bitcoin address used in the Twitter hack was also the one that was linked to the culprits who are arrested last week. If not for this database leak, we believe the hackers would have been free right now and for years.