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This new scam on WhatsApp is hacking into user accounts


We have seen that there are all kinds of scamming techniques on various platforms around the world. Now, there is a difference between scamming and hacking where the later is when someone tries to get inside your account without your knowledge through a backdoor or any other bug in the system. However, scamming is when a person or group tries to deceive you into giving your own account’s access to them. Now, it is revealed that such a scamming trick is going on inside WhatsApp right now and we are here to make you aware about it.

So according to this report, this scam is currently going on in India and on WhatsApp in particular. According to the details inside this report, users are being duped into giving away their WhatsApp one time verification passwords. OTP or one-time passwords are a way to authenticate your account so that no one else apart from you can access it. But if the OTP is also gained, the user can enter your account pretending as you.

Now, the reason why people are being scammed by these people is that they are acting as being from the technical team at WhatsApp. They are also claiming to solve the problems inside WhatsApp if you and ask for OTP. Also, they use the official WhatsApp logo as their profile picture as per the verified WhatsApp accounts from the company. So apart from a verified tick, they behave like an official account and non-techie users wouldn’t come to know about it.

It is worth noting that time and again WhatsApp has said that they “never ask for sensitive and personal information like passwords for any reason”. So if someone asks about your password, OTP or any sensitive detail so even if they claim to be official, you should not believe them.