Home Cyber Security Three telecom firms in Pakistan hit by ‘Greenbug’ hacking group

Three telecom firms in Pakistan hit by ‘Greenbug’ hacking group

Pakistan Telecom towers
Pakistan Telecom towers

While we have been talking about the reports of hacking incidents and the increase in the cases since last few weeks, it is a fact that these reports will keep on increasing in the coming weeks as well.

And we will also have to make sure that the security is top-notch in order to make sure that details don’t get compromised even while working from home. However, we have a new report coming out of Pakistan which is regarding a hacking incident that has taken place inside three of the country’s telecom firms.

It is being said that from the past several months, Iranian hackers have been “rooting around the IT systems of at least three telecommunications companies in Pakistan, accessing data servers when it suits them”.

As per the report, this hacking group going by the name of “Greenbug” is likely to be responsible for this attacks and it is said that they used “tunnels” to carry out this attack.

These tunnels were used to stay connected to the victim machines in a silent manner. The report adds that “telecom data offered a trove of information to spy on targets in Pakistan, and the hackers were determined to access the companies’ networks”.

The analysts revealed that “As we would close one door, they would attempt to come back through another,” regarding Greenbug hacking group’s methods to hack the systems.

It is also being reported that US companies such as Verizon and T-Mobile including others can invest a lot on security mechanisms to keep themselves and their customers safe. But, that can’t be done by the telecom operators in other parts of the world due to lack of resources.

This means that they become easy targets for hackers who are behind them. As many as 10 telecom operators from the Middle East are said to have been targeted recently