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To build an AI that identifies network threats, Awake Security raises $36 million

Network Security
Network Security

In this day and age, you must have seen all kinds of AI or artificial intelligence systems that can do different types of jobs as and when you need them. It is also seen that security companies have been emphasizing on the fact that there needs to be a robust AI in the field of security as well. For this reason, work is going on in order to create an AI that can detect network threats in order to alert the network administrators.

Now, there is a new development in this field as Awake Security, which is a cybersecurity platform meant to analyze network traffic and identify internal and external threats, raises a $36 million round of Series C funding. This new injection of funding also comes at a good time because we have seen how the threat on networks and systems has been increasing recently.

So the development of such an AI system is needed sooner rather than later. The main reason why we are seeing hacking threats evolve during the COVID-19 pandemic is that millions of people are working from home where they might not have secured systems whereas they do have them in their offices. Also, the networks for those working from home are well unsecured compared to the office networks so that is also a big reason.

Talking about Awake Security and its development of the AI system to detect network threats, the company has previously raised around $44 million, and with its latest investment, the company says that it will invest the money in areas such as R&D, sales as well as the marketing of their AI system. Because we know that creating such a system is one thing and then actually making its advantages known to companies and making them adopt the same is a different thing.