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To predict the future of Cybersecurity, you need to think like a hacker: Report


It is a fact that Cybersecurity is a threat right now for everyone out there and it is similar to the threat of war. This means everyone has to make themselves aware of them and also fight against them.

However, we have seen that attackers widely known as hackers are too smart for the current cybersecurity strategies implemented around the world. If there is a new strategy placed by any company, we can find that hackers find a new way to get around that wall in some way or the other.

Therefore, we have a new report which says that it is time for companies to step up their game in cybersecurity. As per the report, the best way to fight these hackers is to think like them and get new ideas. It is officially known that the easiest way to attack someone or get into their system is via phishing or spam emails. So if we make them more secure, one of the common ways for hackers will be stopped.

Other than that, hackers also target IoT or Internet of Things devices which are believed to be the most unsecure devices both in terms of hardware and software. So we have to work on making them secure so that another way to get inside for hackers is blocked.

A new tactic adopted by the hackers is via Emotet trojan which sends out relatively sophisticated emails; sophisticated in that they are partly personalized. They piggy-back onto existing communication threads in a victim’s email application and spoof the contact address of one of the participants.

The trojan sends a message claiming to be from someone familiar. Sprinkling in some typical conversation pieces, followed by a stock phrase such as “Please download the attachment”, only the most observant have not been caught out.