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Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest online store, gets hacked


It is known that hacking incidents are taking all over the world and it is noticeable that the frequency of these incidents has quadrupled in the time since the Coronavirus outbreak. Now, there are many factors affecting this and we have already listed them many times before. However, we have also said that the hacking incidents are not only in the US, India and other parts of the world but they are happening everywhere. As a part of this, we are here to report a new hacking incident which took place in Indonesia very recently.

According to the report, Indonesia’s largest online store known as Tokopedia has been hacked and the worrying part is that millions of customers have their data leaked by the hackers. It is known that 15 million customers registered on Tokopedia have their details leaked by the hackers. As per the same report, these details have been found on a well-known hacking forum meaning that they are next best to details going public since most of the hackers use that forum.

According to the hacker, this data was obtained by him as part of “small intrusion that took place in March 2020 and is just a small part of the site’s entire user database that was obtained in the hack”. However, the positive side of this hack is that even though the hacker has shared details of these users, they don’t have the passwords of these accounts yet. This is also the reason why the said hacker shared these details on the forum hoping that someone or the other would help them crack the passwords and get inside the user accounts.

ZDNet says they have found the database in question which is a “PostgreSQL database dump, containing user information such as full names, emails, phone numbers, hashed passwords, dates of birth, and Tokopedia profile-related details”