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Toll finds its stolen data on the ‘dark web’ following a hacking incident

Toll Logistics
Toll Logistics

We have seen that companies are often not very keen on announcing that they have been hacked or under the process of being attacked by outsiders. However, this becomes must when the platform is being used by millions of users and that their data’s security is under threat.

For this reason, we have seen that companies reluctantly have to announce that they were hacked. Same is the case with a company named Toll which revealed last week that they had a ransomware attack in January earlier this year.

The company now says that they have an update on the incident which is that they have found their hacked data to be available on the “dark web” which is an alternative internet where all sort of illegal stuff happens.

The company wrote that “Following our announcement last week that a ransomware attacker had stolen data contained on at least one Toll corporate server, our ongoing investigation has established that the attacker has now published to the dark web some of the information that was stolen from that server,”

The company had said earlier that “to our knowledge, information is not readily accessible through conventional online platforms,” but to no one’s surprise, the company were hiding the fact that their data was stolen. Now that the data is readily available, the company had nowhere to hide rather than accept what had happened.

Adding to their statement, Toll said that “Our ongoing investigations have established that the attacker has accessed at least one specific corporate server. This server contains information relating to some past and present Toll employees, and details of commercial agreements with some of our current and former enterprise customers,” The company also revealed that they refused to pay the ransom (opting to expose critical user and employee details instead) and that their IT systems have been stopped.