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UK says Russia’s cyberattacks are an ‘urgent threat’ to national security

Russian hacker
Russian hacker

We have heard the UK government, as well as the US, saying that Russia is trying to hack into their medical systems in order to gain an advantage of the virus vaccine situation. Having said that, we saw a report yesterday which revealed that Russia has already had a deal with Oxford which is the promising vaccine from the UK and shows better results. Not to say that the US’ vaccine is not showing positive results but it looks like Oxford’s vaccine will come first to the markets.

Anyways, we are on the topic of cyberattacks done by Russia to see results of the trials. Now, a report from the UK government which was delayed from a long time due to obvious reasons has been out and it blames Russia directly. The UK government’s report says that Russia’s cyberattacks pose an “urgent threat” to the cybersecurity of the country as well as their national security as well. Now, it is possible that the UK has not revealed everything to us and there might be some things under the cover that they know about which we don’t.

In the report, it is mentioned that “Russia’s cyber capability, when combined with its willingness to deploy it in a malicious capacity, is a matter of grave concern, and poses an immediate and urgent threat to our national security,” and adds that “Given the immediate threat this poses to our national security, we are concerned that there is no clear coordination of the numerous organisations across the UK intelligence community working on this issue”

The report also mentions that a new approach is being taken by the UK government and that “This must be the right approach; there has to now be a cost attached to such activity.” which is to lay blame on those who are involved in cyberattacks.