Home News Unc0ver releases a new jailbreak tool that unlocks any iPhone

Unc0ver releases a new jailbreak tool that unlocks any iPhone

unc0ver jailbreak for iPhones
unc0ver jailbreak for iPhones

We are going to give you one very good news if you are an iPhone user and someone who has done jailbreaking in the past which is similar to rooting in the Android world. This is because jailbreaking has made a massive comeback in the Apple world. It is reported that the popular jailbreaker Unc0ver is back with a new tool that unlocks any iPhone released till date. For some time now, we had seen that Apple’s security was quite strong and that there were no ways available to jailbreak the iPhone 11 devices. But that has changed now and this is all because of a vulnerability.

According to Unc0ver who has released this new tool, there was a previously undisclosed vulnerability in iOS that breaks through some of the many restrictions that Apple puts in place to prevent access to the underlying software. Now, while we don’t what that bug was and it is unlikely to be revealed as well, Apple will also be working right now to release a fix as soon as possible. But that will only be possible in the latest version of iOS unless they release a security patch on top of the current version.

This is also the reason why the current jailbreaking tool works on any iPhone running iOS 11 or later till iOS 13.5 which was released just last week by the company. In addition, we also know that the tool might not work with iOS 13.6 if the bug is fixed and it will work if the patch has not been given by Apple meaning that they could not find the security loophole.

Apple is also under pressure right now because their security issues are increasing in number and this is bad for a company that claims itself to be the best in providing security. Earlier, Zerodium, a broker for exploits, said it would no longer buy certain iPhone vulnerabilities because there were too many.