Home Cyber Security ‘Undeletable’ adware found on 14.8% Android devices last year: Report

‘Undeletable’ adware found on 14.8% Android devices last year: Report

Android adware
Android adware

If you have followed us for a while now, you would know that there are files and their names in the security industry. For example, we have malware as well as ransomware which are the two common types of files used by hackers to attack any system. There is also a file called adware which is common but not on the same level as malware is. Although adware is a type of malware, it is different in sense that the files it injects inside the system are more harmful in different ways.

From the name, you must have basically understood that adware is a malware that injects ads in the system. Well, that is right and what adware does is show you random ads on your smartphone without you knowing from where it came. So you will see ads on the lock screen, inside apps as well as even in system settings where you least expect them. However, a new report has come right now which reveals that a significant number of Android users were hit with adware last year that was “undetectable”.

Let’s assume that you have a malware on your device then the first thing you would do is to reset the phone but this adware would not go away with a factory reset too. So what are your options other than throwing away your phone if you are not a techie.

This is exactly what the hackers took advantage and infected system directories of the phone. Because a report mentions that “A system partition infection entails a high level of risk for the users of infected devices, as a security solution cannot access the system directories, meaning it cannot remove the malicious files,” We believe that wiping system partition is the only option but then you have no OS left and that could be a brick for most people without proper knowledge of the phones.