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US Army’ latest report addresses more than 6000 hackers situated at different locations

Russian state hackers
Russian state hackers

Recently, the US Army report addressed North Korea 6000 plus hackers. These hackers are posted in the countries namely, Belarus, China, India, Malaysia, Russia, etc.

The cyber welfare guidance unit of the hermit nation that is Bureau 121 is said to manage all of the operations undertaken by the four subdivisions.

The report made by the army also said that the hackers are not seen to launch cyber attacks from North Korea directly. The attacks are directed from other countries because North Korea lacks the IT infrastructure to forward these massive attacks.

The financial crime division of the attacker is called the Bluenoroff Group. It consists of around 1700 members. The main aim of the division is to carry on the cryptocurrency crimes and exploiting the enemy network weakening.

The Lazarus Group is also said to have undertaken many cryptocurrency hijacks and are also behind the WannaCry malware which was launched between 2016 and 2017. They are also said to be the culprit behind the Sony Pictures hack.

The report also said that the main aim of the hackers was to create chaos. They will be hijacking enemy network and attacking its weakenings. The US Army had written a major report on the topic but was unable to identify the number of hackers.

It is also addressed in the report that hackers from North Korea are using privacy coins. They can convert the stolen funds into real money. The investigation is still going on about the hackers.

However, earlier this year the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) confirmed that they found two Chinese national namely Yinyin Tian and Juiadong Li. The two people were accused of undertaking a malicious cyber-enabled activity related to cryptocurrency. Both of the individuals were linked to the Lazarus Group. It is worth noting that the attacks from these groups have not been detailed.