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US Army report reveals North Korean hackers operate from abroad

North Korean hackers
North Korean hackers

It is a fact that a lot of intelligence reports have been published and a lot has been said regarding hackers from countries such as China, North Korea as well as Russia among others. Now, the three countries mentioned above also operate state hackers and they do not take action against them being the communist countries and North Korea being a dictatorship. This is the reason why authorities can’t do anything against hackers from these countries other than publishing reports and making people aware of the same. But a very interesting report has come out regarding the North Korean hackers which should surprise everyone.

It was assumed that all of the North Korean hackers would be operating from North Korea only which is how they could not come in danger of getting caught and action being taken against them. However, that is not the case because a new US army report has been published. In this report, the US army says that not all of the North Korean hackers operate from North Korea. In fact, some North Korean hackers are located in countries such as India, Malaysia apart from being in Belarus, China and Russia.

Now, it makes sense to be in Russia or China but they could be caught while in India or Malaysia if their locations are traced. The report also mentions that North Korea had “at least 1,000 elite hackers in 2010” while this number has increased to 6000 right now in 10 years time. However, South Korea already reported North Korea’s cyberwarfare staff having 6,000 members back in 2015 so the number could be even bigger. The report which is used to train the US army against such cyber attacks says that the aim of North Korean hackers is to “conduct financial cybercrime by concentrating on long-term assessment and exploiting enemy network vulnerabilities.”