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US Feds wants China Telecom to be out of the US citing hacking concerns

China Telecom
China Telecom

It is known that the Chinese hackers are onto something right now because of the Coronavirus and the people working from home. However, it is also a fact that the hackers outside China are attacking the Chinese companies and agencies in order to gather secret information from them which they are known to be hiding from the world. As a part of that, we know that one of China’s biggest telecom operator was hacked recently which is called the China Telecom. Some of you won’t be aware that China Telecom is available in the US as well.

Therefore, the people are obviously concerned about their privacy and they fear their numbers will be hacked. So it is believed that China Telecom’s users have gone down in recent days and months. However, the feds in the US have now sprung into action and they want China Telecom to be out of the country. It is known that some executive agencies inside US are “recommending the FCC revoke the license authorizing China Telecom to provide international telecommunications services to and from the United States”

According to a statement, it is revealed that “The security of our government and professional communications, as well as of our most private data, depends on our use of trusted partners from nations that share our values and our aspirations for humanity,”. “Today’s action is but our next step in ensuring the integrity of America’s telecommunications systems.”

China Telecom Americas, the subsidiary that operates in the US, received authorization from the FCC in 2002. Also, the report mentions that China Telecom Americas has had a compounded and impressive annual revenue growth rate of 68% since 2005. Since the FCC recommendations, China Telecom Americas have said that “We unequivocally deny the allegations. The company has always been extremely cooperative and transparent with regulators”.