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US Marshals Service had a security breach exposing prisoner details

US Marshals
US Marshals

While we all know that security breaches can happen to anyone at any time and even hackers are not sparred from getting hacked, it is interesting to note that many government agencies are being exposed right now.

However, there are also reports coming in from earlier when the breach took place and they are now being revealed to the public. One such instance occurred right now when the US Marshals Service also shared their security breach story to the world.

The US Marshals Service says that they suffered a lapse in security last year and that they are currently notifying inmates regarding this lapse. They are also notifying them that the personal details regarding them might have been exposed online when this security lapse took place.

As per the letter in which this security lapse information is being given, it is revealed that the “incident came to light on December 30, 2019, when the USMS Information Technology Division (1TD) received an alert from the Department of Justice Security Operations Center (JSOC) about a breach of a public-facing USMS server”.

The US Marshals Service also notified that these details include “hacked server housed information on current and former USMS prisoners, including data such as names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and home addresses”. ZDNet, in its report, say that they have also received one such letter from the USMS and that they verify its authenticity for people who were receiving it and questioning the same.

The inmates are even considering a class-action lawsuit against the USMS for this security lapse and hiding about the same for so many months. While the USMS does notify about a security lapse, there is no word as to how many inmates got affected, what servers were accessed as well as what are the steps taken to ensure that the same does not happen again.