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Vulnerable VPNs are being scanned by hackers to launch attacks

VPN services
VPN services

We have said many times in the last few reports that we are currently going through unprecedented times because no one needs to be reminded that there is a deadly virus out there getting spread like wildfire. This means that majority of people around the world are currently in lockdown and inside their houses to stay safe. That also means the people who can work remotely from their homes are doing so. But there is a risk involved with doing that which is the security risk.

As we all know, home routers, as well as networks, are not as secure as our office environments which mean that people can get inside our systems if they wanted to. And due to the COVID-19 situation right now, hackers definitely want to get inside our systems and get information that is crucial.

So a new report now reveals something that most of the people would not be aware of. A vast majority of people use VPN services which are ways to hide the identity from their ISPs in a bid to not be tracked and keep their privacy. But the problem is that not every VPN service is great and it is possible that some of those services have loopholes.

It is known that hackers are finding VPN services right now that are not as secure as others in order to hack inside them and gain details of the VPN users and then get to those users’ accounts. NCSC director says that “Malicious cyber actors are adjusting their tactics to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic, and the NCSC is working around the clock with its partners to respond,”

The report also says that “Many organisations have rapidly deployed new networks, including VPNs and related IT infrastructure, to cater for the large shift towards home working. Malicious cyber actors are taking advantage of this mass move to home working by exploiting a variety of publicly known vulnerabilities in VPNs and other remote-working tools and software,”