Home News Wappalyzer reveals a security breach affecting around 16,000 users

Wappalyzer reveals a security breach affecting around 16,000 users


We are giving reports one after the other every day about new hacking attacks that are taking place in this COVID-19 virus outbreak situation. It is evident that hackers are taking full advantage of the security lapse due to the virus situation and exploiting user information for their own need. Now, a new company has revealed that their systems were also under attack from hackers recently. This report is from Wappalyzer, a tech company no less, which says that hackers breached their systems this week.

Also, they have revealed that hackers started emailing customers that they are selling the company’s database for $2000 and they can buy it. A hacker named CyberMath is sending e-mails to Wappalyzer customers saying “If you receive this e-mail it’s because we get the full database of Wappalyzer, and your e-mail is on the database,”. The email further reads that “I’m selling the full .sql for 2000$ in Bitcoin,”. In addition and as proof that he really owns the database, the hacker is attaching a screenshot along with the email.

Wappalyzer did not dispute the claim from hackers and instead warned its customers to not respond to those emails and that they did face such an incident and said the hack took place on January 20 when an intruder accessed one of its databases, which the company said it left exposed online due to a misconfiguration.

In a statement, Wappalyzer said that “Some of our customers received an email from the perpetrator offering to sell stolen datasets. This data does not include personal information. If you receive such an email, mark it as spam and do not reply or click any links as it’s likely a scam,” Also, when asked by ZDNet about contents of the database owned by the hacker, the company said that stolen database mostly contained “technographic data.” and we don’t know what that means.