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Wishbone’s 40 million user records being sold by a hacker

Wishbone database
Wishbone database

By now, it is no secret that the threat of Coronavirus is much bigger than the virus infection itself because it has also damaged the economy of countries around the world and we are also facing a hacking crisis right now. Yes, that’s right because we are seeing a new hacking report every day that involves exposing millions of accounts from popular platforms and companies.

Today, we have a new hacking report of yet another popular app which is known as Wishbone. Wishbone is a popular niche social media network and 40 million user records are being sold by this hacker.

As far as the hacking is concerned, the hacker reveals that the actual hacking took place a few months back and earlier this year to be precise. He also claims that the passwords are stored in SHA1 format whereas ZDNet has found out that these passwords were actually stored in MD5 format which is actually less secure.

Regarding the data is being sold by the hacker, it contains links to Wishbone profile pictures, URLs included in the sample data loaded images depicting minors, an age category the Wishbone app has always been historically popular.

Talking about the price of these details, this data is being advertised across multiple hacking forums and being sold for 0.85 bitcoin (~$8000) right now.

ZDNet also ran an investigation in order to find out if accounts included in the database were known to have been breached.

However, they were surprised to find out that it was not the case. This means that even the Wishbone users whose accounts have been compromised don’t know about it yet.

The publication claims that none of Wishbone’s 2017 hacked accounts was in this meaning that this is a new hack which took place in January 2020 according to the timestamps of last login dates.