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Your webcam can get hacked without your knowledge

Webcam hacking
Webcam hacking

There are a lot of issues the world is facing right now and one of the biggest being the coronavirus pandemic which means that people are locked down to their homes. It is also true that people are afraid to go outside for essential shopping and they are avoiding meetings as much as possible. For that reason, the online video conferencing and meeting trend have emerged where people are taking online meets to interact and discuss things. However, it is known that hackers have always attacked people’s webcams and this video meet trend means that those incidents will get increased.

Currently, you might see that reports of people getting their webcams hacked would have drastically increased. Now, there are ways in which hackers can get access to your webcam and you might not even know about them. But it is possible to know how and when your webcam is being accessed so you can identify if it was not done by you.

Most of the laptops right now have a light or an LED next to the webcam which blinks or lights up when the webcam is started. Now, don’t mistake this light for equipment used for lighting up your face just like a flashlight. This is a security feature to make you aware that your webcam is currently on. If you see that your webcam light is turning up without your knowledge, it is possible you are being watched and your webcam has been hacked.

If you see that there are video files or photos captured from the webcam that you have not taken then it is a sure shot sign that you are being watched. It is also possible that you get a message from the hacker showing you a weird photo of yours taken from the webcam than it is a sign you are hacked.