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YouTube says videos on the platform will be moderated by AI since humans are not available


In a world where the fear of Coronavirus is ever increasing, we know that its consequences will follow. For example, it was known that this virus outbreak will stop all the public events and gatherings and no new work can be done since people can’t fly and do things and even go out of their houses. However, this is now affecting the online world as well which is known to be the best way to work since working from offices is not available. We are talking about YouTube content creators who are making a living out of their videos.

It is known that videos need to be moderated and YouTube is doing a great job at that. However, the virus outbreak means that YouTube’s offices are closed and that means we will no longer have manual moderation of the videos as long as the offices are closed. Thankfully, YouTube has deployed AI moderation for a long time but it requires humans to intervene whenever needed. But since the offices are closed, YouTube says that most of the videos will be moderated by AI. Now, this is guaranteed to create a lot of confusion because AI is not as good as humans in understanding what is right and what is wrong.

YouTube has also warned that more videos will be removed from the platform than normal because of AI moderation and there is little they can do about it. The company also mentions that “turnaround times for appeals against these decisions may be slower,” and tells that AI is not always accurate as humans which can lead to errors. Now, we know that Google could tell its employees to work from home and do these tasks but they still expect the work to be reduced by 50% so it is instead telling creators, advertisers and users to prepare for the situation.