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Zoom looks to patch zero-day vulnerability found in Windows client

Zoom zero-day
Zoom zero-day

One of the main reasons why we tell you to keep safe from the internet and various apps is due to the zero-day vulnerability which can cause a lot of damage. The reason why these bugs are known as zero-day vulnerability is that they are not yet patched and hackers expose the vulnerability on the same day to cause as much damage as possible. Once they are patched, there can’t be any damage but before that, the damage done is potentially very large. One thing to note is that you should remove the Zoom Windows client from your PC or Laptop right now for the time being.

We are saying this because a security firm has found a security vulnerability in the Zoom Windows client which has been reported to Zoom and they are working on a patch too. But the reason why you should stay away from it right now is that hackers might cause damage if they know about this vulnerability. The security firm that has revealed the vulnerability is cyber-security firm ACROS Security.

The good news is that ACROS reveals that the zero-day found inside Zoom’s Windows client only affects PCs that are running an older version of Windows such as Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and earlier. Therefore, anyone running Windows version higher than Windows 7 is safe but the problem is that millions of PCs are still running Windows 7 till now.

The firm also reveals that “The vulnerability allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on victim’s computer where Zoom Client for Windows (any currently supported version) is installed by getting the user to perform some typical action such as opening a document file,”. Zoom says that they take such reports about security very seriously and that “We have confirmed this issue and are currently working on a patch to quickly resolve it.”